Context & objectives

Hydrostadium is a subsidiary of EDF based in Annecy in Haute-Savoie, with branches in Clermont-Ferrand and Toulouse. Created in 2001, the company specialises in the design of white water courses and stadiums, then in hydroelectric engineering. With this know-how, Hydrostadium has built numerous facilities throughout the world, including whitewater stadiums designed for the Sydney, Athens and Beijing Olympic Games. These innovative projects are based on strong expertise and efficient engineering.

As part of its growth, and in order to carry out its activity successfully, Hydrostadium needs to develop its information system to enable it to manage and monitor its activities efficiently on a daily basis. In order to become more efficient with an ERP that was under-dimensioned, Hydrostadium called on Netsystem to develop a strategic IT vision in line with its business and development challenges.

Business Challenge

Netsystem’s support took place in several stages:


  • Diagnosis & inventory: In order to precisely identify the company’s needs and question the robustness of the infrastructure organisation, it was necessary to establish a strategic IS audit. Netsystem’s teams exchanged with Hydrostadium’s teams in the form of workshops structured by business process. The objective was to take stock of the situation in order to provide real assistance to the project owner by being a source of proposals, assistance and advice.
  • Establishment of a strategic roadmap & drafting of specifications: Once the request was understood in all its dimensions, a roadmap with a development and investment trajectory for the IS was drawn up. Then, specifications were drawn up with adapted and concrete proposals to accompany Hydrostadium in the choice process up to the negotiation.
  • Project management: Netsystem was thus able to work effectively in defining the new ERP. The support was structured via advice on benchmark solutions and market analyses, adapted to the context of an SME and Hydrostadium’s business challenges. In the same way as for the management of an investment fund from valuation to integration, Netsystem supported Hydrostadium by being present at all stages of the transformation of its ERP.

Results & KPI

The choice of the new ERP has been made. Hydrostadium decided to continue with Netsystem to support the integration and to lead the change. In addition, an enlightening feedback on the challenges, organisational difficulties and business processes was provided.
The awareness of having a real partner to rely on, thus generating trust between the different project stakeholders. Project management assistance to support the company in its IS transformation.

Key success factors:

  • A high degree of expertise made possible by the experience of senior staff with an in-depth knowledge of the specific challenges of change management.
  • The efficiency of the process, by favouring proximity with the teams and a direct, pragmatic and personalised approach to meet the needs. An offer specifically adapted to the needs of SMEs and a service industry.