Netsystem launches its dedicated DPOSYSTEM Service Centre


Vincent Ferrara, Senior Consultant at Netsystem, explains how the DPOSYSTEM Service Centre works.

Can you tell us about Netsystem’s DPO support and outsourcing Service Centre?

Designed as a platform, this Service Centre is a brand new approach in France. We have established a dedicated team composed of both technical and legal profiles. The team helps clients to resolve their data protection issues. Highly responsive, they can be contacted very easily by e-mail or telephone. 

How does the team operate?

They operate on a support or outsourcing basis, while exploiting the same resources (personnel and software). Our team provides clients with personalised access to a software platform that tracks all relevant requests and actions. The platform enables the client to have an up-to-date and real-time overview of their situation and data protection requests via a system of dashboards. Existing DPOs can therefore provide CNIL with accurate reports. If the organisation has its own platform, the Netsystem team will use it in an identical manner.

In what circumstances do clients contact the Service Centre?

Clients contact us under three major scenarios:

  • Urgent requirements: IT systems crash, unannounced CNIL audit, etc. The team is committed to meeting an extremely short response time.
  • Semi-urgent requirements: access right and rectification requests (e.g. an employee of the company wishes to know all the data being stored about them), etc. 
  • Standard requirements: verification of the legal basis of processing, drafting of procedures, memos, opinions, etc.

Depending on the requirement, a legal or technical expert will be assigned to assist the client. It is a key support service for organisations, helping them to perform functions for which they are legally accountable. We are here to provide support or to assume full responsibility.