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We help our clients to safeguard their process of digital transformation.

Your needs

You wish to establish compliance with the regulatory framework that applies either in part or in whole to all large organisations and public sector bodies.

You wish to progress with IT security in a strategic and operationally effective manner.

You wish to safeguard your IT systems.

Our conviction

Cybercrime requires organisations to implement a defensive and offensive strategy and calls for cybersecurity to be incorporated within the global strategy of the organisation.

Our offerings


From strategic analysis to operational consulting

  • Information Management Security Systems ISO 27001, HDS, risk analysis and management (EBIOS, ISO 27005), PSSI, Security Master Plan
  • BRP (Business Recovery Plan)/BCP ISO 27002 (Business Continuity Plan)
  • Implementation of a crisis unit
  • GDPR, RGS compliance

Major project support for security aspects (project manager/project owner support) – full or partial service.

  • Definition of secure architecture
  • Security monitoring throughout the project life cycle
  • CISO support
  • Drafting of procedures, policy implementation

Technical support

  • Implementation of SIEM
  • Implementation of PKI
  • Recommendation of security solutions

CISO outsourcing

  • Security and vulnerability audit
  • Implementation of an IT security management system and dashboard steering
  • Risk prevention
  • Point of contact with external authorities
  • Communication plan
  • Training and awareness

Regulatory standards compliance audit

  • ISO 27000X,
  • HN framework, HDS (hosting of health data)
  • RGS general security standard
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • SecNumCloud standard
  • ANSSI guide
  • Security status report
  • Infrastructure technical audit
  • Configuration audit
  • Vulnerability audit
  • Penetration testing


  • Courses leading to qualifications
  • Skills transfer
  • Awareness modules

Cloud and telecom infrastructure :

  • Audits and diagnostics
  • Rationalisation and overhaul of technical architecture (server infrastructure, storage, backup)
  • Outsourcing, migration to Cloud, hybridisation
  • Securing architectures (DRP and BCP)
  • MOC

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