Case Studies

Our client's success stories

Neovacom: ISO 27001 certification support

How Netsystem experts helped Neovacom obtain ISO27001 certification.

Universign: RGPD harmonisation at European level

RGPD harmonisation at European level

Meanings capital : Due Diligence Jems group

The Meanings capital fund called on Netsystem to carry out an IT due diligence on Jems Group.

Eoden : Due Dil tech Smart & Connective

Netsystem carried out a du dil tech for a start-up developing SaaS BMS and BMS services.

Ardian expansion : due diligence IT Serma Group

The Ardian expansion fund called on Netsystem to carry out an IT due diligence on Serma Group.

Piercan: Information System Audit

How Netsystem used its expertise to help shareholders evaluate the company’s IS.

Groupe RG : Due dil Vandeputte group

The RG group wanted to assess the level of IS maturity of each company in the Vandeputte group.

Hivest capital : theplacemakers Due Diligence IT

The Hivest Capital fund called on Netsystem to carry out an IT due diligence on the target.

Bonna Sabla: change of ERP

How Netsystem supported Bonna Sabla in its ERP change project.

Fiven : carve-out

How Netsystem carried out the IT carve-out for Fiven, involving 626 employees and 6 production sites across 4 countries.

In 2020, the Aix-en-Provence Tourist Office decided that it needed to integrate a tool that would allow it to group its various services into “poles” and decided to call on Netsystem to assist it

The Aix-en-Provence Tourist Office has welcomed nearly 600,000 visitors each year since its creation in 1969 and currently employs 67 FTEs.
In 2020, it will be necessary to integrate a tool that will enable the different services to be grouped into “poles” and to provide them with access to centralised, reliable and secure customer information.

Fichet group: IT due diligence and carve-out support

How Netsystem helped the Fichet group with its IT audit and to make various entities autonomous.

Solvay is preparing to make one of its historical activities autonomous

As part of its strategic repositioning plans, Solvay wishes to prepare for the autonomy of one of its historical activities (BU or Business Unit linked to sodium bicarbonate) in a separate entity.

How Netsystem helped Supergroup with its carve-out project

The Netsystem consultants were the guardians of the temple.
Hervé Demaison

Fiducial Cloud works towards sensitive and health data compliance

We combined theoretical knowledge and in-depth technical skills to give FC a true competitive advantage.

Wiko establishes an e-commerce site for direct sales to the end customer, evolving from BtoB to BtoC.

We implemented a robust action plan covering all the organizational, technical and human aspects of the company.

JYSK relies on rench partner to comply with the GDPR for its entities in France.

Outsourcing the DPO function is a challenge for companies deciding to use dposystem services as it is a delicate issue, both in terms of the nature of the processed data (some of which is sensitive) and of the complexity of EU regulations.

Cafés Richard challenges their strategy in three main areas: customer experience, machine cost-optimisation and data exploitation as a key development factor.

Here the coffee machine is becoming an intelligent point of sale lowering operating costs by avoiding unnecessary maintenance and generating higher revenue through enhanced quality.

AEFE decides to seek support to develop and manage a programme of security audits at its establishments.

Faced with the issues of digital security, regulatory compliance and the proliferation of cyber attacks, we launched on-site security audits and penetration testing.

Anticipating implementation of the GDPR, Famille & Provence adopts an approach ensuring compliant processing of personal data.

The solution jointly developed with Netsystem is based on three pillars: an awareness program concerning regulations, analysis of the maturity of each department with regard to the regulation, compliance projects and recommendation of an action plan.

Bexley wants to protect its IT system against internal and/or external threats.

The Bexley assignment was a real challenge: namely to conduct an audit on short notice on behalf of an investment fund.

Umicore chose Netsystem to cleanly separate from its VMZinc division in technical terms (HR, payroll, ERP, etc.) and in legal terms.

Covering 20 countries, the VMZinc mission was a complex one, but its success was ensured by optimum collaboration.

KEDGE Business School chose Netsystem to help it document procedures for a Business Recovery Plan and, ultimately, a Business Continuity Plan.

Responding to a set of very real and well identified risks, we were ultimately able to leave the Kedge Business School team well briefed and well trained

The city of Aix-en-Provence defines and implements its Smart City strategy.

The main challenge was to build a projet unique to Aix-en-Provence based on the political vision and the city’s identity.

Toulon Provence Méditerranée wishes to develop a security plan for its information systems

We helped a CISO take up his new post in a new department created ex-nihilo by Netsystem.

Hydrostadium called on Netsystem to develop a strategic IT vision in line with its business and development challenges.

As part of its growth, and in order to carry out its activity successfully, Hydrostadium needed to develop its information system to enable it to manage and monitor its activities efficiently on a daily basis. In order to become more efficient with an ERP that was under-dimensioned, Hydrostadium called on Netsystem to develop a strategic IT vision in line with its business and development challenges.

As part of its development and to adapt to new uses, particularly mobile sales, VTF needed to upgrade its information system and optimise the customer journey on its website.

VTF, which had already worked with Netsystem on a Salesforce CRM implementation project between 2018 and 2020, has once again called on Netsystem to help and support it in choosing the right IT service provider to overhaul their website.

Netsystem supported Lagarrigue Orthopédie and Ardian in the preparation of the IT component of the VDD: from audit to IT expert sessions

Ardian, one of the world’s leading private equity firms, has decided to sell its majority stake in the Lagarrigue Group, the world’s leading specialist in external orthopaedic devices (prostheses/orthoses) and in the design and manufacture of custom-made large-scale orthopaedic devices for the treatment of disability

IT carve-out for Colas and its industrial subsidiaries, in collaboration with Netsytem

OpenGate Capital, an investment fund and potential purchaser of SMAC, called on Netsystem from the due diligence phase for the IT part. Netsystem’s mission gradually expanded as the project evolved.

The Conseil Départemental de la Seine Maritime is modelling and optimising its business processes.

The aim was to identify the main needs of all the departments and services in order to identify, describe and optimise the associated processes and enrich the Service Centre catalogue.

Valorem consolidates its IT risk management

Netsystem supported Valorem, starting with a maturity audit based on the ANSSI hygiene guide.

CUBE develops and operates eight data centres in France, with extensive regional coverage

With a view to its growth, CUBE wanted to raise funds.
Netsystem was commissioned by an investment fund to carry out an audit of CUBE’s assets and to challenge the VDD (vendor due diligence) carried out by CUBE prior to its fund-raising. The objective? To analyse CUBE’s position in the market, its business model, its strengths and weaknesses, and therefore the appropriateness of investing in its development.

The Mehari Club Cassis calls on Netsystem to upgrade its ERP.

Mehari Club Cassis, an SME with 70 employees and consolidated sales of €17 million, wanted to upgrade its ERP system in 2020. The current system was cumbersome and inefficient in view of their activity. This is why they called on Netsystem to help them define their needs, choose the tool and implement it.

Greater Narbonne is committed to being accessible and connected in order to support its economic and tourism development.

Grand Narbonne is a major community of conurbations in the Occitanie region. Made up of 37 communes and 130,000 inhabitants, it aims to provide the best possible support for its economic and tourist development.