Aix en Provence

Context & objectives

Netsystem has been supporting the city of Aix-en-Provence to define and implement its Smart City strategy since 2016. The objective is to deploy innovative digital projects and services throughout the city in targeted areas: public wifi, cleanliness, noise abatement, internal and external air quality, urban lighting and, soon, intelligent watering systems.

Business Challenge

To mobilise all project stakeholders, including recent market entrants, while complying with the political vision defined at the outset.

Solutions & methods

Netsystem has adopted a collaborative and co-constructive approach to meet the following objectives:

Define the Smart City project in collaboration with the CIO, the Director-General of Services and the elected representative with responsibility for digital affairs
Ascertain the needs of operational departments
Consider and propose various possible uses within a restricted scope (POC)
Offer advice and support during the selection of service providers
Coordinate the project and service providers

The results

860 sensors already or scheduled to be installed, across all areas
150 wifi hotspots installed serving some 60,000 users per year
Reliable and secure data for improving the user experience and optimising the costs to citizens in accordance with city policy

Key success factors:

The involvement of the city’s operational departments

The marriage of strategic advice and technical support (which networks for the sensors, how to analyse data, etc.)

Testimony from two Netsystem employees
Alexandre Soupramanien (IT System, Data & Smart Consultant) and Laurent Aubry (Consultant & Assignment Manager)

“Every city has its own different Smart City project: the main challenge was to define a project unique to Aix-en-Provence based on the political vision and the DNA of the city, and then to implement it while bringing together all of the project stakeholders. Smart City projects call on a multitude of participants relatively new to the scene: the challenge is to ensure effective communication between all stakeholders while anticipating trends, the pace of technological development and the inherent risks and opportunities. This adaptability is the key to success! ”