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We lead carve-in or carve-out operations within your M&A projects. We prepare your sell side operations. We evaluate your buy-side opportunities within technology and ICT sector.

Your needs

You wish to audit the IT assets of an acquisition target, identify the risks and estimate the costs and potential benefits.

You wish to make preparations for the sale of one of your equity participations or business units.

You wish to safeguard your transaction and enhance operational efficiency during your post-deal operations.

You wish to assess and audit a technological target.

Our conviction

The most strategic of decisions take shape in the IT systems.

IT is a key component in the transformation process, yet this component is frequently misunderstood or even neglected due to lack of fundamental knowledge.

Our offerings

Analysis, safeguarding & execution : carve-in/carve-out operation

Technical, financial and legal advice and guidance

Analysis of IT issues and identification of strategic and financial levers to ensure the integration or separation is carried out.

  • IT due diligence
    • Identification of issues, asset inventories and mapping
    • Verification of existing legal constraints
    • Study of possible exit or integration strategies
    • Budget for the operation (CAPEX/OPEX)
  • Separation strategy
    • Transferability of services and contracts
    • Pricing of EBA-related services
    • Expertise on the legal scope of the EBA
    • Confirmation of the separation/integration strategy
  • Project management (Project Management Office)
    • Sourcing and contracting selected service providers
    • Steering the project with all stakeholders


  • 360° IT audit
  • Cyber audit with vulnerability testing
  • Audit in partnership with Vaultinum – Software due diligence


Limiting investment risks, revealing potential threats to open source software and cybersecurity. Obtain critical information with recommendations in a summary report.


  1. In-depth analysis of software source code
  2. Intellectual property
  3. Security
  4. Maintainability
  5. Third-party licences
  6. Illustrated report and graphics
  7. Recommendations from Netsystem consultants

Strategy & Consultancy (technology business assessment) :

Analysis of the strategic positioning and managerial, business and technical performance of a target organisation in the technology sector (host, e-commerce site or platform, software publisher, ESN, technology start-up, telecoms operator, infrastructure operator, etc.) in order to identify your acquisition opportunities.

  • Gather key information about the target.
  • Analysis of opportunities and risk factors based on financial and extra-financial data.
  • Market trends
  • Feedback

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