Our vision

Digital transformation is above all a revolution in uses and practices.

Smart Industry, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and even Smart Services: digital technology is all around us nowadays and has never been easier to access!
  • But although technology is becoming ever more widespread, it remains difficult to understand and integrate.
  • Companies are evolving in an age where visibility has never been as low and implementation never as rapid. Such narrowing of space-time calls for operational agility and efficiency.
Anticipating these two phenomena, Olivier Cazzulo founded Netsystem in 2011 with a strong conviction: The strategic challenges of the organisations he supports are too frequently only appreciated “above ground level”, i.e. far removed from:
  • The fundamentals affecting organisations: their business processes, human resources and capacity for change.
  • Structural changes in their immediate environment: their business model, competitive landscape, developments in their customers’ activities and employee training.
Only those organisations able to develop an IT system designed to tackle these requirements will be capable of meeting the challenges of tomorrow. “We believe that the prospect of an all-digital world will only become a reality if men and women are placed at the heart of major changes, whether social, ecological, political or technological.”  Olivier Cazzulo, CEO of Netsystem

Our values


We are committed alongside our clients to help them select the best partners to successfully implement their transformation projects. We guarantee absolute impartiality towards the partners who are audited and selected. Partners will only be selected if they are best able to serve our client’s interests – always with client approval.


Our clients’ projects become our own, conducted with passion. We support our clients from definition of need right up to project completion. Our teams work hand-in-hand with our clients and with the unwavering objective of transparency, efficiency and a job well done.


Our personnel and expertise are our key assets that mark us out from the competition. We place transmission at the very heart of our HR strategy. Information exchange, mutual support and permanent skills transfer takes place with the same commitment as offered to our clients.