We implemented a robust action plan covering all the organizational, technical and human aspects of the company.

Context & objectives

Wiko is a French telephone manufacturer marketing its products through large chains and phone shops. The company decided to establish an e-commerce site for direct sales to the end customer, evolving from BtoB to BtoC.

Business Challenge
  • Support management during strategy implementation while adequately mapping all the potential consequences of creating an e-commerce site
  • Reshape the organisation and operational processes transformed by the move into BtoC
  • Prepare employees for the operational changes (Marketing, Sales, IT, etc.) caused by technological change
  • Progressively roll out the site by coordinating service providers selected via a tender process managed by Netsystem
Solutions & methods

Netsystem helped the management of Wiko to define its expression of need relating to the development of its e-commerce site, including the operational and organisational impact. This work enabled us to refine the needs of Wiko and to arrive at the decision to establish multiple sites instead of a single site – one for each region in the world. This decision enables sales to be optimised by adapting communication and the technology to the customer in line with the realities of the local market.

Netsystem subsequently coordinated the e-commerce site development project based on a rigorous methodology and its cutting-edge IT expertise, enabling informed decisions to be made about partner selection and effectively controlling costs and deadlines.


  • +10% sales in the first year
  • Site up and running in 9 months.
Key success factors

Our close relationship with top management enabled us to implement excellent internal communications around the project, and familiarize our teams with the functional impacts of this new strategy.

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