Due diligence IT ARDIAN

Context & objectives

Ardian, one of the world’s leading private equity firms, wished to sell its majority stake in the Lagarrigue Group, the world specialist in external orthopaedic devices (prostheses/orthoses) and in the design and manufacture of customised large-scale orthopaedic devices for the treatment of disabilities.


In the context of the sale of its shareholding, Ardian asked Netsystem to assist it in the preparation of the IT part of the VDD: from the audit to the IT expert sessions organised by the consulting bank EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD CORPORATE FINANCE for the potential buyers.

The objective is to highlight in a document structured by key themes :

  • the group’s IS assets
  • the digital transformation projects in progress

Business Challenge

The group is positioned as the leader in digitalization in its sector and with a major ERP migration project underway. It is Netsystem’s added value, as an information systems and digital transformation consultancy, to highlight the Lagarrigue Group’s digitalisation and its business interest for potential buyers.

Operational challenges :

  • Supporting and accompanying the CIO and the controller in a context of strong confidentiality where it is sometimes complex to access all the resources and where the work is carried out under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).
  • Describe the constituent elements of the Lagarrigue Group’s Information System (functional and technical).
  • Report on the resources allocated to the IS function within the group (organisation of the IS department, projects in progress, etc.).
  • Assessing the resilience and functional coverage of information, data security and compliance (RGPD)
  • Finally, summarise and popularise the elements identified in an Info Memo that is not only consulted by technical experts.

Results & KPI

An audit (collection of elements, formatting and iteration, deliverable) :

  • Business applications and system interfaces
  • Systems, networks, infrastructures
  • Collaborative tools
  • Compliance and security

Constitution of the IT Vendor Due Diligence :

  • As-is: technical and functional mapping of the existing system, inventory of assets, level of organisation and formalisation, “make or buy” strategy, degree of regulation and compliance, degree of dependence on partners and technologies, degree of mastery of the application and technological environment, digital maturity, budgetary elements
  • Project portfolio: list of committed projects and status card per project
    Provision of documents shared in the dataroom and participation in IT expert sessions

Thanks to this work, the IT aspect could be identified as a business contribution and an important asset in the activities of the Lagarrigue group.

Key success factors

  • Netsystem’s technical expertise in IT matters and its VDD methodology acquired through a rich experience of M&A operations.
  • The reactivity of Netsystem’s teams and their ability to adapt to the pace of this type of mission.
  • A facility to work in collaboration with the Lagarrigue group teams, in particular the CIO and the management controller.