Famille et Provence

Context & objectives

FAMILLE & PROVENCE manages a portfolio of 7,000 social housing dwellings in the PACA region. With over 50% of its personnel on-site, management activities are firmly rooted at the local level. Its operational objectives: to construct new dwellings, to service and maintain the portfolio, to promote accessibility and to offer achievable rent-to-buy solutions.

Business Challenge

Anticipating implementation of the GDPR, Famille & Provence decided to adopt an approach ensuring compliant processing of personal data, incorporating:

  • Creation of the main registers in compliance with the regulation;
  • Definition of an organisational structure capable of implementing regulatory requirements;
  • Implementation of an action plan in the technical, legal and organisational fields.

Solutions & methods

The solution jointly developed with Netsystem is based on three pillars:

  • An awareness/training programme concerning regulations for senior managers based on audit workshops and e-learning rolled out to all employees;
  • Analysis of the maturity of each department with regard to the regulation;
  • Compliance projects and recommendation of an action plan.

Key success factors :

  • Relationship based on trust
  • Effective collaboration
  • Excellent understanding of the social landlord environment