Interview #SpecialRentrée activity ICT

3 questions to Laurent RICHAUD – Expert consultant at Netsytem, ICT activity (Infrastructure, Cloud & Telecom)

Can you present the ICT activity in a few words?

First of all, we could talk about the “lower layers of IT”, the lower layers being the infrastructures (storage equipment, servers, firewalls, antivirus…). My expertise consists of making them coexist and accompanying clients to implement the most efficient mechanism possible in relation to their needs.

Then there is what we call dematerialised infrastructure.

What are the current market trends?

The Cloud represents a real challenge: it is a set of tools that allow data to be stored elsewhere than in server rooms. Clients are aware of the need to move from a heavy infrastructure to outsourcing the IT service. This may involve outsourcing the technical infrastructure, its management or even an entire section of the information system. Our role is to accompany them in this transition and to guide them towards the solution best suited to their needs. In this way, we support customers in changing their equipment and their way of consuming, particularly through the Move To Cloud.

Will the ICT team be strengthened this year?

The team is stabilising. It is made up of different profiles, each one a specialist in its own field. In fact, we welcomed a new talent last week. He is Yanis, who has just graduated and who has joined Netsystem after three years of work experience. The search for and integration of new talent is a key lever for the ICT business. It is essential to train in IT infrastructure, yet we are seeing a shortage of young talent in this field. Infrastructure remains undervalued, even though it is the foundation of the digital transition. Without a well-managed IT infrastructure, there can be no digital transition!